Gift Registry Info

Gifts are really not necessary. Honestly, we’re just happy to have you all in attendance. But if you would like to get us a wedding gift, here are the links to each of our registries.

Sur La Table Registry


Macy’s Registry


Amazon Registry


The Newlyweds’ Midwest Holiday Tour

Do you live in the Midwest? Plan on being in Fort Dodge, IA around Christmas? Does flying out to Portland for a wedding in November sound like a huge hassle? Well then you’re in luck, because we will be coming to Iowa in December! Specific details are still being arranged, but there will most likely be a Midwest mini-reception in Fort Dodge between Dec. 25th and New Years Day. We understand if the journey across the Oregon Trail is too arduous for everyone to do in the fall, and we don’t want anyone left out. So if we don’t see you in November, we’ll see you in December.