Taking Photos with Wedding Snap

EversnapTo help us capture all the memories of this special event, we’ve enlisted the help of Wedding Snap, a service provided by the folks at Eversnap. This will allow everyone to upload their own photos and videos of the wedding to one place! There will be direction cards distributed at the event, but here’s some directions in advance, just so no one is too surprised.

Eversnap directions

Download the Eversnap App to your iPhone or Android, by texting the Album Code above to (415) 799-2511.

Later you can view all the photos or upload your digital camera photos at http://view.eversnapapp.com using the same Album Code. Can’t wait to see the memories!



The Newlyweds’ Midwest Holiday Tour

Do you live in the Midwest? Plan on being in Fort Dodge, IA around Christmas? Does flying out to Portland for a wedding in November sound like a huge hassle? Well then you’re in luck, because we will be coming to Iowa in December! Specific details are still being arranged, but there will most likely be a Midwest mini-reception in Fort Dodge between Dec. 25th and New Years Day. We understand if the journey across the Oregon Trail is too arduous for everyone to do in the fall, and we don’t want anyone left out. So if we don’t see you in November, we’ll see you in December.

And Bring the Kids!

In case you were wondering, your kids are totally welcome at the wedding. In fact, we’re hoping to set aside a room downstairs specifically for the children, a space for them to play around and party juicebox-style. If you have any suggestions for our Kids’ Dungeon — uh, I mean Playroom — or if you’d even like to help out, just let us know. The wedding is definitely family friendly.

Save the Date’s sent!

Save the DateThe ‘Save the Date’ is out, and it is completely electronic! No paper. No trees were harmed in the sending of this wedding announcement. We are hoping to organize all of our announcements and invitations entirely through online means, so everything should show up right there in your inbox. Hopefully Paperless Post messages don’t get flagged as spam, otherwise you might miss something.


Lucas and Marissa

The Wedding Blog is up and running!

Hello Family and Friends,

Lucas and Marissa’s wedding blog is officially a go. Welcome! If you’re looking for directions to the venue or lodging options in Portland, check out the tabs above, just under the title. Hope to see you in Portland on November 2nd!


Lucas & Marissa